Paxos and Antipaxos

Must see in Corfu Town

Trip plan:

  • Leaving from Gouvia Marina 
  • Paxos (lunch time)
  • Antipaxos (swimming)
  • Back to Marina

Our trip starts from Gouvia Marina, heading to Paxos. Paxos is the smallest of the Ionian Islands, lying just 11 km from the southernmost tip of Corfu. Many visitors return year after year to Paxos to experience the intimacy of this peaceful haven, the genuine friendliness of the local Paxiots, and the captivating scenery.

Paxos is covered in many olive groves intersected by dry-stone walls and paths, that often lead to a derelict villa or abandoned stone olive press! The gnarled and twisted olive trees, some of them hundreds of years old, shelter numerous species of wild flowers at their roots, while here and there, small vineyards flourish.

This serene and unspoiled landscape is what makes a holiday to the island of Paxos truly memorable. It is hard to describe the way Paxos makes you feel. From the moment you arrive - stepping off the hydrofoil or seaplane, to your first visit to a local taverna on the Loggos water front, you manage to leave your problems behind.

It is not just that Paxos is years from anywhere, or that the pace of life is so much slower, but probably something to do with the friendly locals and climate. You can have a lunch or just simply go for a walk exploring the island.

Then Anti Paxos, separated from Paxos by a 2km channel, is just over 5km sq in size, with a population of less than one hundred. It is a wonderful 'get away from it all' place to be. It is renown for some of the best beaches in Greece with indigo depths and aquamarine shallows.

The locals of Anti-paxos have their own walled gardens and vineyards and produce a local wine that is well guarded and rarely available for sale. You can have a swimm or go to the restaurant.

After that we will head back to Marina.