Paleokastritsa rent a boat

Speed boats

Daily cruise in the Ionian Islands


Korfu Charters offers several points to pick up your speed boat.

Boat hire in Corfu using our website is a very easy procedure. For speed boats up to 30 HP there is no need for skipper or boat driving licence.

Dassia east coast Corfu boat rental.

Dassia is located in the east side of the island. Offering a large selections of places to see by boat.

Nissaki east coast Corfu boat rental.

Nissaki is located in the east side of the island. Offering a large selections of places to see by boat.

Paleokastritsa, west coast Corfu boat rental.

Paleokastritsa resort offers undoubtedly the best destination to rent a boat and visit at least 15 beaches. Some of them are so isolated that you will hardly see other people there.


1- Always keep your life jackets on.
2- Always wear the “quick stop”.
3- Never abandon the boat. Remember, it consists of inflated parts and has water tight compartments which make it unsinkable. In the worst of situations you are safer and more visible on an ungoverned or even capsized boat than swimming alone in the open sea.
4- Do not anchor the boat very close to the beach, in order to avoid any possible damage to the boat by the waves of near passing boats.
5- When approaching a port or bay do not tie the boat randomly. Always consult the people in charge about the most appropriate place in order to avoid any damage to the boat and disturbance to the local people.
6- Keep distance of 150 meters from any freediving activities, floating ropes and fishing equipment.
7- To go fishing with the boat you will need the special fishing licence from the local port authorities.


1- Keep a distance of at least 200m from where swimmers may be found. If you need to approach an area where there are swimmers, maintain the lowest possible speed and be on the alert to avoid collisions or accidents.
2- Keep 150m distance from the red floaters indicating the position of divers.
3- Always give precedence to sail boats, rowing boats and generally to all boats approaching from your right.
4- When you cross routes with other boats always pass from their rear and never in front of them